Thanksgiving has passed and having had a moment to think about all the things in my life I am grateful for, it is time to plan for 2015 and all the joys and surprises that the coming year may bring.

I am a believer in the power of a positive attitude: that luck, or karma, or faith, or chance can be partially controlled by focus and personal mindset.

So, before New Year’s Eve resolutions arrive I want to take a moment to plan how I want to live my life – not just in a statement, or short-term or longer-term goal, but forever onwards what do I want my legacy to be as I live my life in agreement with this mission.

The “dream” is still fuzzy around the edges, but I am not going to be satisfied with anything less than extraordinary – perhaps even a brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous life!  Live to your highest expectations of yourself – just be clear what it is you “speak into existence”.  Words have power and your intention can define your life path.